Get a 90% Tax Credit by Directing Your PA Tax Dollars To Fund Scholarships With a Special Purpose Entity

Decide What your PA State Taxes Fund

How to Get a 90% Tax Credit

Fund Scholarships for Students in Need with your Tax Dollars

Fund Scholarships With Your Tax Dollars

The gift of education is perhaps one of the most important contributions we can make to our community. Typically we send our tax dollars to Harrisburg and hope they will be directed in a way that benefits the students in our state.

But what if instead of sending that money to Harrisburg you could directly fund scholarships at the Catholic Schools you support? Now it’s possible by joining one of our Special Purpose Entities.

When you contact us using the form below we will connect with you to discuss the process, answer questions, and provide further information about next steps. The process is very easy, so let’s have a conversation to help you learn more. Please use the form below to contact us, or call (610)866-0581 Ext. 2344